Milan marathon
Sunday 2 April 2023

Definitely fast and modern: a really fun and special race to ride.
For many years, Milan Marathon has offered runners a unique opportunity to run at their best and obtain their best performance, within a modern, participatory context and with all the services and attentions that only the top European marathons are. able to reserve for participants.

The route of the Milan Marathon
Classic 42km course, however, completely renovated compared to the 2015 edition.
The start and finish are located in the center, in the park of the Montanelli Gardens, but over the years the track has been constantly improved in detail, so as to offer all runners a modern and complete route, able to reconcile the needs of smooth running. top runners and advanced amateurs, with the opportunity to admire and enjoy an increasingly beautiful city in its combination of historical and contemporary elements.

For many years now Milan has been the fastest marathon in Italy and among the fastest on the international scene (the fastest in the world in 2021); every year there are many participants who make their own personal best in Milan.

The route of the Milan Marathon will touch various stages in the city center including the Duomo, the Teatro alla Scala, the Sforzesco Castle, the modern City Life district, the Arco della Pace.

We look forward to seeing you for your stay in Milan!


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